G.Montague Ellwood,

The Art of Pen Drawing, A Manual for Students, Illustrators and Commercial Artists,

Batsford, London, 1927




THE EVOLUTION OF PEN DRAWING - an historical survey.

LINE TECHNIQUE: ANALYSIS OF METHODS - 25 specimens of pen lines. Eight different styles of drawing.

MATERIALS - inks papers, boards/, pencils - drawing from photographs.

STYLE IN PEN DRAWING - from art nouveau to the new Bateman style.

THE FIGURE, FACES AND HANDS with indicative sketches, full pages.

LANDSCAPE AND ARCHITECTURAL ILLUSTRATION - including seven types of tree drawing from Pennell.

ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING featuring the 'Railton' style.


The Realistic School (Partridge, Bateman, Reynolds, Sullivan)

The Independents as Inspiration - Beardsley, FISH, John Austen, Ashley Havinden, John Nash.

HUMOUROUS ILLUSTRATION - Bateman, Cheney and a list of contemporary agents 170/1.

PEN DRAWING FOR ADVERTISERS - Ellwood and the young Eric Fraser.

FASHION DRAWING IN PEN AND INK - Katherine Sturges, Miss Stocquart Elizabeth Lansdell.

" ..the aim is to provide in the illustrations a fairly comprehensive survey of the best contemporary penwork, with examples of the greatest masters of all periods, briefly commented upon in the text.. This series should demonstrate far better than the written word the derivation of style and technique, and the main tendencies of present-day practice."