Once the main icon on the desktopis activated the spectator slowly approaches a turning sphere in which there is a small model of Robert Fludde's Memory Theatre or the Theatre of the World. The Square and the Circle are reconciled (pace Upon Appleton House) The Spectator descends to the interior which is at first viewed from a height - a privileged view. it is not made clear but the Visitor can look around this 360 degree simulation and is aware of locational aids to gain access to various bodies of information. Barely perceptible lights flicker in windows and doorways. The door to the Labyrinth becks in an unpromising way.

Once the space has been understood by being traversed, there is an option that crystalline columns can be activated, and the true function of the Theatre (beyond the Aid to Memory) is revealed by shimmering animations of form, light and colour, in demonstrating the path to the Transcendental by means of Light. Throughout the exploration of the Theatre, each visual proposition is accompanied by its aural equivalent.