A small red door in the Theatre at floor level leads to a huge Labyrinth dedicated to Darkness from which Light hopes to be released. The Spectator gets increasingly pessimistic about the process as directional hands offer help getting around. Whenever this is selected, an unpleasant sound implies heavy footed treads and uncertainty. Mani described the Defeat of Good by Evil and the dispersal of the Light into fragments. The Labyrinth describes this condition in Moon, Stars, Torches and Human Souls kept in prisons, whether it be Dore's or Piranesi's. "When it's dark in Dover, it's Dark the World over..." Several factors conspire to extinguish Light, and Life. The Spectator moves with great difficulty and can never be guaranteed to have visited all the options in the Labyrinth.

The Garden signifies clear and pleasing access to information. The Labyrinth presents the converse. It is difficult to get out. A huge metal machine grinds on with its mysterious purpose.