Row One, Brangwyn, Breaking up The Duncan; Brangwyn, The Bridge Sicily; D.Y.Cameron, Rameses III; Reginald Bush , Boulder Wood New Forest; Hedley Fitton, Tower, Tours.

Row Two Alred East, The White Mill; William Giles, Midsummer Night , colour; Hester Frood, Sussex Farm; Axel Haig, Geierstein;Alfred Hartley, Silvery Night (colour).

Row Three Martin Hardie, Heigh Ho, The Wind and the Rain; Martin Hardie, A bit of Old Portsmouth; William Monk, The Sheldonian; Charles Holroyd, The Acxropolis

Row Four, Sydney Lee, The Tower; Percy Robertson, Hampton Court; Frank Short, Solway Fishers; Robert Spence, The Corner Boy Rye; Chasrles Watson. Pont Andmer