To a certain extent, everybody who makes images is working within and about an invented place. There are some effective examples that can be quoted.
01 The invented City of Terramafiusa from Domenico Gnoli's Orestes or The Art of Smiling , Simon and Schuster, New York, 1961. "If you tried to find Terramafiusa on today's maps, you couldn't find it..."
02 Sir Thomas More, Utopia , first edition, 1516 printed in Louvain - the island itself delineated and the Utopian alphabet.

04 Osbert Lancaster Pelvis Bay - 1938 Dustjacket endpapers and a comparison of sea front.
03 Gift handkerchief given to a child, c1800 from book catal. Realms of Childhood , Schiller, New York, 1983.

05 November 1956, Walt Disney, and grandson Chris in front of Sleeping Beauty's Palace at Disneyland. MORE  
06 H.C.Sandy, Rickety Town from MY MAGAZINE 1916 p.825
07 Toonerville by Fontaine Fox, a land invented by a cartoonist


The Atlas of Experience, Louise van Swaaij, Jean Klar and David Winner





Plummer's Park imaginary suburb for a soap drama Leslie Thomas' , Tropic of Ruislip

wood cut for the 1518 edition of Utopia, printed in Basle, drawn by Ambrosius Holbein.

SYNTHETICA an invented land, FORTUNE October 1940 the relationship between the synthetic substances

Disneyland Brochure (Dick Briel Collection)

Coronation Street, a birds's eye view c1975

Emmerdale, a birds's eye view c1975

Essential reading, Manguel and Guadalupi, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places, and J.L.Borges short story, Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.