Low-Flight Landscape, April 1948
The Comeback of Koppers, January 1952
The New Bounce in Rubber, August 1956
And Goodyear Sells It, October 1960
The Rise of the House of Olin Dec. 1952
The World of Kennecott November 1951
Iron Ore, Steep Rock, Ontario Dec.1955
The Taxpayers' Own Diggers and Builders, April 1964


Charles Rotkin ( 1916 -2004) He had been asked to join Roy Stryker's FSA group, making contact with Jack Delano and Ben Shahn in particular. He was then called into the Army where his amateur pilot licence provided a natural entré into aerial and gunner photography.

After 1945 he was known primarily as an aerial photographer. Clients included Standard Oil of New Jersey (with Roy Stryker). He became Chief Photographer for the Puerto Rican Office of Information.

He worked for LIFE, FORTUNE and Sports Illustrated.See his Europe: An Aerial Closeup (Lipincott, 1962), and USA: An Aerial Closeup (Crown, 1968).


AERIAL photography (see also FORTUNE'S William Garnett)