single images that repay study

William Vandivert, Oskaloosa, Main Street April 1938
Arthur Gerlach, Toyshop window' December 1940
Otto Hagel, Bus Route Fifth Avenue New York July 1940
Otto Hagel, Western Auto Stores, Oct 1939
Charler Sheeler, Still Life, May 1944


Paul Dorsey, Main Street, February 1951 (The Transfer of American Capital)
Jesse E.Hartman , Farm Supply Store, August 1945
Paul Caponigro , Huyck Corp., Felt Factory Rensselaer April 1960
Jesse E.Hartman , Peace Arrives at Garwood , October 1945
Norman Taylor, On the Beach:Corner of South Street and James Slip Manhattan


Arthur Gerlach, Symphony in Rubber, photographic still-life c1935
Paul Hesse Studios, US Rubber, still life and opposite page, c1935
Butchers at Work, 1947
William Morris Agency 1938
Record Retailing NYC 1939
cherrypicking 1939 (advert)
American Bank Notes 1938
Joliet Munitions Plant 1945
Franklin Alabama, 1941


Main Street Traffic date unknown
A Spark in Steel, 1948
Farmers Cars 1938
City Landscape 1944
Pennsy's Predicament , 1948
Main Street, DeWitt County
Rubber on the Rebound 1944
The Boiling Ohio, Russell Lee 1956
Drinkers at a Bar 1940
Harbor Fleet 1943
Seventh Avenue, 1949
Manhattan Shop 1949


"The picture is quiet and true. Since I am writing about photography let me point out that this picture is a better part of the story at hand than either a drawing or a painting would be. There is a profitable and well-run cracker firm in a sweaty part of the town, there is a knot of men talking on the pavement about anything but crackers, amidst the irrelevant trucks. This is where Mal-o-Mars are cooked and this is where last week's newspaper meets the gutter too. And the Strand Hotel becomes famous for flavour. My point is Fortune photographs should take a long look at a subject, get into it, and without shouting, tell a lot about it." to R.D. Paine, 23.7.48 (Walker Evans at Work).

June 1948, Jerry Cooke at Nabisco