Charles E. Steinheimer (1914-1996) sold photographs of Mexico to LIFE in 1937 and then was signed up as a staff photographer, with Chicago as his base, covering the Mid-West. At the outset of the war he joined the Navy and shot much footage of the conflict, most notably at Iwo Jima. In the early 50's he moved away from photo-journalism to the technical development of videotape recorders.

The feature covers the launch o Marshall Field's Chicago Sun, which was to remain independent for only six years before it merged with the Chicago Daily Times.

His photograph of the newspaper stand at the Loop is one of my favourite night photographs from FORTUNE. Artificial it may be in its contrived composition, but proto-noir and neurotically coloured with a sallow sinister observer from the iron stairs to the El Station.

Fortune photograph by Steinheimer March 1942