01 Chartles Kos, The Death of Attila; Ferdinand Staeger, Two Illustrations; Marianne Hitschmann-Steinberger, four illustrations, Vienna; Gustav Kalhammer ornaments; Ferdinand Staeger, Ornaments; Peter Behrens, Antiqua Type.

02 Paul Benksik, Reed Pen writing, Budapest; Aubrey Beardsley two ornaments; Alfred Keller, four decorative illustrations; R.James Williams, Robin Hood

03 Wenzel Oswald, tailpieces and ornaments; F.W.Kleukens ornaments; H.Granville Fell, endpaper design; Emil Preetorius, headpieces for Daudet; F.W.Kleukens eleven ornaments; Charles Robinson, titlepage

04 Reginald Knowles for Tales from the North; Reginald Knowles for the Everyman Library; Reginald Knowles for the Everyman Library; Aubrey Beardsley decorations

05 R.P.Gossop, Aucassin and Nicolette cover; Thomas Derrick for Don Quichotte; Aubrey Beardsley, title page design; Goudy's Kennerley type; Herbert Horne Sonnets of Shakespeare; Herbert Horne for Boccaccio; Eragny Press Christabel;

06 Reginald Knowles for the Everyman Library; W.Bernard Aidney for the Reigate Press; Percy J.Smith Book Opening

07 Eragny Press, Areopagitica; Kelmscott Golden Type; The Kelmscott Beowolf; Kelmscott Chaucer