George Him - born 1900 - and Jan Lewitt
George Him " came to England in 1937 after studying law at Moscow University and taking a doctorate in Germany with a thesis on comparative history of religions. He speaks five languages and his hobby is storytelling in all possible visual media. He designed the Festival Clock for the Festival of Britain in 1951, the Masada exhibition in London 1966 and was the Chief Designer for the Israeli Pavilion at Expo'67. " Jacket notes for The Day with the Duke, Leicester 1969 with text by Ann Thwaite.


01 An advertisement for Coventry Climax fork lift trucks , image 12 x 17cms, November 1951. see Graphis no 22 1948.
02 murals for a works canteen, 120' long based on Russian Fables see GRAPHIS no 14 1946.

03 illustration to Robert Standish' The Ape in the Family Tree March 1962 27 x 34 cms

04 Before the War Him had started a design partnership with Jan Lewitt (Lewitt-Him) and their puckish (sometime sentimental) style was immensely influential over the years in the UK. It ceased when Lewitt turned to painting as a career.

George Him, The Day with the Duke,1969,with Anne Thwaite

FORTUNE COVER January 1954

work devising Schweppeshire January 1954