I have hated cars all my life, and also the dolts who put at the Car the core of their existence. All the funnier if the Machine is seen as the proof of masculinity. What then can the woman expect from being associated with the internal combustion engine? Well, she can be seen as a total incompetent who cannot wreck the car, the great Flirt (Mechanics a speciality) decorative and erotic accessory. I am reminded that in most of the literature on the development of car design, the man got to drool over the tin sections while the woman got the upholstery.

My own favourite is the Flying V, the fresh and sexy Mother protecting Baby. Where is the Child seated? It is not clear. It is either behind and about to crack her skull with the jolly coloured blunt instrument, or alongside the Driver having a Radiant Vision. I always had a thing for the Petula Clark type.

Aren't Cars Great Things? What is this connection between the smart car and the Fur Coat....Hmmmm